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Strategic Equine Event Marketing

Eques Solutions provides comprehensive equestrian event marketing services to companies seeking assistance. With our expertise and deep-rooted passion for the equine industry, we specialize in helping curate and promote unforgettable experiences for participants and spectators. Each event is unique to your brand, so how your event is promoted will be customized to your goals and requirements. Our team is comprised of equine professionals who also have backgrounds in event marketing and sponsorship management. We’ll execute a marketing strategy to assist in the success of your world-class equestrian entertainment events, horse shows, trade shows, riding clinics, and fundraising events.

Whether you’re organizing a horse show, expo, riding clinic, or charitable affair, we work closely with your team to create engaging experiences that align with your brand vision and objectives. We understand the intricacies of organizing a successful live event and work endlessly to help you make it an enjoyable and memorable occasion for everyone involved. To further assist you, we’ll manage the marketing and promotion of your event as well as help identify and secure strategic sponsorship opportunities. Our full suite of event marketing services allows you to focus on other vital aspects of your event.

Equestrian Event Consulting

Our experience working on equestrian events ranges from expos to hunter-jumper shows to charity events and everything in between. As equestrians, we have participated in or partnered with nearly every type of equine-related occasion and possess the marketing finesse to make your event stand out. Our event consultation team is available to assist with all the finer details involved in creating a unique experience and bringing visions to life. Partnering with Eques Solutions ensures your event is profitable and memorable.

We’ll collaborate with your team of organizers and event planners to help create an affair that aligns with your goals and target audience. With our knowledge of the equine industry and marketing strategies, we’ll help you conceptualize your upcoming competition, clinic, or sale to ensure your vision is realized while remaining within your budget. Many equine-related events rely on outside funding to be successful, so we’ll create sponsorship packages and identify sponsor opportunities. If needed, we’ll be on-site the day of the event to ensure the program runs smoothly and everyone in attendance enjoys their experience.

Equestrian Event Sponsorship

Finding sponsors for your equestrian event can be tedious and often requires cold-calling potential candidates. Eques Solutions has the experience to connect with and secure sponsorships for horse shows, clinics, charity events and expos. With our ongoing partnerships and connections within the equine industry and businesses interested in reaching this clientele, we will match you with sponsors that align with your specific event.

We also ensure all event marketing deliverables are executed according to your sponsorship agreement. On the day of your highly anticipated event, our team can be on location to shoot video footage and high-quality images for future promotions and social media.

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