Equestrian & Luxury Brands Marketing Agency


As a strategic equestrian marketing and promotional company, we work with major equine companies, competitions, non-profits and product manufacturers. We are equestrian professionals, which makes us highly familiar with the culture of the equine industry, consumer buying patterns and lifestyle.

Luxury Brands

With our experience in luxury event promotions, marketing, product launches and branding, we are ready to help you grow your upscale business or brand. We’ll help you better connect with clients. Our personalized luxury marketing services include social media campaigns, sponsorship management, website design, SEO, public relations, and generating leads and sales.

Equestrian & Luxury Brand Marketing Strategies

Having a marketing team that understands the sport horse industry is priceless. We know it because we live it. A firm that promotes your equestrian or luxury brand to this specialized industry must love horses and the lifestyle that goes along with them, and we do. Let our creative team at Eques Solutions develop the right marketing strategy for your brand today.

Our Marketing Team

Our deep equestrian sector knowledge allows our innovative marketing team to create strategies for equine and luxury brands based on the people’s demands in this unique world.

Personalized Approach

With a passion for both people and horses, we pride ourselves on combining old-fashioned customer service with modern-day digital marketing innovation.

Successful Strategies

Our experience creating successful sales strategies and personal connections has brought millions in revenue for our equestrian and luxury brand clients.

Eques Solutions Marketing Blogs

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