Luxury Brand Event Marketing

Luxury Event Marketers

Eques Solutions provides event marketing and promotional services for upscale luxury and lifestyle brands to establish personal connections with their clientele in intimate settings. We’ll assist you with exclusive pre-event and in-event promotions that go beyond traditional marketing. Whether you are holding an exquisite evening affair or a private cocktail party to present your latest collection or an exclusive pop-up or gala to showcase your newest product line, we can amplify your brand awareness and ensure all event promotional efforts reach your target clientele.

We use a multi-faceted approach to deliver seamless event promotions that blend traditional marketing techniques with digital innovation. We’ll provide professional social media management leading up to the event and during and after promotions. Our in-house marketing team offers high-quality videography and photography to create exceptional visuals necessary for promotional commercials, press releases and editorials. We provide graphic design services and traditional print materials like flyers, invitations and banners. Our comprehensive video production services offer event coverage in real-time for live streaming and professional footage of your event. Partnering with Eques Solutions allows us the opportunity to bring your brand to life and assist with creating a successful event.

Luxury Brand Event Consulting

In-person engagement enables luxury brands to forge deeper bonds with their select audience, and Eques Solutions is the link between special events and brand marketing initiatives. Our team provides event consulting to our clients to assist with unique event concepts and partnerships. We understand that luxury brands thrive from the creation and execution of exclusive, unforgettable events. As skilled event consultants, we are the architects behind the process. We identify unique networking opportunities that allow your brand to reach your discerning clientele and achieve your goals.

Eques Solutions collaborates with your team to pinpoint events that align with your brand’s values and target clientele. With our knowledge of the luxury lifestyle space, we’ll work with you on event conceptualization, ensuring your event adheres to your vision, budget and brand identity. Our team is experienced in developing sponsorship packages and can assist with securing relevant sponsors. We can also arrange to be on-site the day of the event to help ensure the program flows accordingly and guests receive an unparalleled experience.

Luxury Brand Event Sponsorship

Hosting exclusive events to showcase your brand helps create a buzz about your business. Eques Solutions offers sponsorship consulting services to maximize your event’s potential. Drawing on our expertise from the sponsorship-heavy equine industry, we are prepared to guide your team through the sponsorship process, from package creation to securing strategic sponsors.

Our team ensures deliverables align with your brand and execute accordingly. We can provide a team on the event day to obtain video footage and high-quality images for future social media campaigns and promotional marketing. We also assist luxury brands with locating sponsorship opportunities to build engagement and seamlessly integrate your brand into relevant events locally and nationwide.

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